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From depression to body image – 7 mindfulness meditation videos for mental health

Whether you have depression or sleep issues, actor and yoga teacher Maude Hirst, founder of Meditate with Maude, can help you unwind with this series of mindfulness meditation for World Mental Health Day

Around one in four people in the UK will experience some sort of mental health problem each year and in England, one in six people report experiencing a common mental health problem, such as anxiety and depression every week according to Mind.

The overall number of those who suffer mental health problems has not increased significantly in recent years, but the issue has received far more attention than ever before.

Around one in four people in the UK will experience some sort of mental health problem each year

Mental health doesn’t only focus on anxiety and depression, it can involve worries about things like money, jobs, relationship and even body image – all of which can make it harder for people to cope on a daily basis.

If you looking to find clarity, focus and direction in your life, as well as tame your worrying thoughts then a daily guided meditation is a great place to start.

This series of ten minute mindfulness meditation videos with actor and yoga expert Maude Hirst will help you switch off from your busy schedule and create a space for you to re-discover yourself.

#1 Meditation for anxiety and stress

Learning how to manage your anxiety and stress using meditation will give you more control over emotions like anxiety and will give you a fresh perspectives, creating some distance between you and your anxious thoughts.

#2 Meditation for sleep

If you find yourself unable to fall asleep at night, or want to improve the quality of your sleep through deep relaxation – this video is for you.

In this 10 minute mediation video, Yoga expert Maude Hirst demonstrates how to fully relax every muscle of the body as you try to fall asleep.

#3 Meditation for energy

A recent study revealed that British workers put in the longest hours in the EU. So if you do work long hours, a morning or mid-day meditation session can be an excellent way to boost energy naturally and power you through your busy workday.

‘We often feel that when we wake up in the morning we have a certain energy that we are just given – that it is unchangeable,’ Maude says. ‘Maybe we wake up exhausted and lethargic, or maybe you’re someone that wakes up in the morning full of energy ready to jump into the day. However it is that you wake up – know that energy is changeable.’

In this next video, Maude gives you the tools to become aware of your energetic state, and learn how to change it through the power of mindfulness.

#4 Meditation for trust

Do you look for reassurance outside of yourself, or do you have a good connection with your own trust? These are the questions that Yoga expert Maude Hirst asks in this ten minute guided meditation – meant to teach you how to trust yourself and your instincts.

If you constantly seek the opinions of other people instead of trusting your gut – this meditation is for you.

Maude’s guidance will help you strengthen the trust that you have within yourself, your intimate relationships and your friendships through mindfulness.

#5 Meditation for depression

This meditation video focuses on depression, which affects one in five Brits.  However, there are solutions to help and meditation is one of them.

In a depressed state, actor and yoga expert Maude Hirst explains that, ‘we often try to push feelings away and sometimes it’s the resistance that makes these feelings grow stronger.’

In this 10-minute meditation video, Maude guides you through the importance of becoming aware of this struggle and how daily practice can help you to better understand and accept what’s happening within you.

#6 Meditation for body image

Seen another Instagram post that makes you want to stop eating for a week? The prevalence of social media and airbrushed images, causes us to constantly compare ourselves to other people who let’s be honest aren’t even real.

If you struggle with negative body image, or if you would like to learn how to boost your self-confidence through mindfulness – then today’s meditation is for you. Yoga expert Maude Hirst focuses on how to improve our body image through increased awareness of how we feel about ourselves.

Watch the video to gear Maude discuss how we can stop comparing ourselves to other people, and learn how to treat yourself with kindness.

#7 Meditation for relationships

This video demonstrates how we can create change in our relationships by understanding ourselves better.

‘I want you to begin questioning what it is in a relationship that you really look for,’ Maude says. ‘More specifically – what parts of yourself do you want to be seen by someone else in a relationship.’

According to Maude, this begins with self-awareness and recognizing your insecurities. The road to improving the quality of your relationships starts within yourself.

Maude helps us understand the role that confidence and self-love play in not only our intimate relationships but also in our relationships with family and friends.

Meditation for anxiety and stress Maude HirstMore about Maude Hirst

Maude Hirst is a born and bred East Londoner, currently on a mission to find a unique path into mindfulness for every person she reaches. Maude is an actor, writer, and explorative meditation and yoga teacher best known for her role as Helga in the hit TV show ‘Vikings’.

As a meditation and yoga teacher Maude focuses on helping people switch off from the stresses of everyday life, while lovingly connecting them to their unique expression of who they truly are. Maude’s passion is to create a space for people to sit and observe their inner world, in order to declutter their external world.

Meditation and yoga has helped transform Maude’s life and her aim is to share this gift through her meditation platform Meditation with Maude.

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From depression to body image – 7 mindfulness meditation videos for mental health

Whether you have depression or sleep issues, actor and yoga teacher Maude Hirst, founder of Meditate with Maude, can help you unwind with this series of mindfulness meditation for World Mental Health Day

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