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How fist-bumping instead of hand shaking could save your life

It’s that time of year when the noses are running, the coughs are belting and there’s that constant ache in your chest that you just can’t seem to shift. You can reduce your chances of getting sick this winter by fist-bumping, apparently. Actual research seems to have shown this


The gesture seemed to have been stemmed from athletes passing on a celebratory fix to one another. Or even as a sign of respect for the other team’s work, and decided a handshake was too much of a risk for dislocating a finger (especially if the game hadn’t gone in one’s favor). It’s also common among young men as a sign of bro-ness paired with a sly smile. Or as demonstrated above, among global power couples.

Researchers from West Virginia University want you to ditch the good ole’ handshake and start fist-bumping. After a study of how infections spread in hospitals, skin surface contact was the worst in spread and how long the skins touched was a key factor. Already, hospitals have replaced door handles and knobs with push plates.

The study has proven that bumping fists is only a third of skin surface contact and a third of the amount of time than a handshake. Infectious disease specialist Dr. Tim Lahey told The Atlantic, ‘It has the advantage of also being kind of cool. Perhaps our patients will appreciate our attention not only to their health but also to hipness.’

Fist bump away… or ‘dap, fist pound, bump or knuckle touch’ recommends Urban Dictionary.

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