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8 steps to a healthy vagina

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As Nadia Sawalha’s hilarious campaign to #bringbackthebush trends across the Twittersphere, we say do what you want with your pubic hair – just keep your vagina healthy Dr Ahmed Ismail, gynaecologist at Queensway Gynaecology has brings you eight tips‘I could do a combover with mine’ is possibly one of the most hilarious statements anyone has ever made about their pubic hair and it’s from the hilarious Nadia Sawalha who on Tuesday’s Loose Women, launched a campaign #bringbackthebush as an antidote to what she said was ‘the pressure on young women to be hairless’.

Healthista editor Anna Magee says: ‘From Brazilians to bushes to all-off Hollywoods, what women do with their pubic hair is their decision and if it’s their choice and not a result of pressure from someone else, we’re happy with that. But what is important is the health of their vaginas.’ That’s why we asked leading gynaecologist Dr Ahmed Ismail for these tips. He says:

‘A healthy vagina is an asymptomatic vagina, meaning that it will be odorless and the woman will not experience abnormal discharge, itching, or pain. Here are my top tips to maintaining a clean and healthy vagina:


1) Avoid wearing synthetic underwear

Close-up of sexy panties on a woman's feetCotton underwear is always preferable as this will keep the area dry, well ventilated and less exposed to allergic reactions.

2) Washing your vagina

vaginal washing water, healthy vagina, healthista

If you’re out for long hours, make time to wash your vagina with normal water, allow time for ventilation and dry it properly during the day. There’s no need to use harsh antibacterial soaps as these will change the delicate  pH balance present in your vagina and could also wash away important good bacteria as well as bad – this could actually make any unpleasant smells worse.

3) No tight clothing

An attractive young woman struggling to get her jeans on

Try to avoid wearing tight pants for long hours as they can also reduce ventilation.

4) Keep on top of your personal hygiene

Joyful friends in spa

4) When using public toilets and swimming baths, jacuzzis, spas and saunas, always use your own personal towels to avoid picking up thrush or bacterial vaginosis, which can commonly be found on surfaces and transmitted.

5) Seek regular medical advice even if you are celibate

Seek medical advice, healthy vagina, healthistaIf you are celibate, you should always seek gynaecological advice to check that your vagina is healthy.


6) Seek medical advice if you are sexally active

Close-up of happy womanIf you are sexually active and have developed discharge as a result of a new (or old) relationship, you must seek gynaecological advice to check that you are not carrying an STD. If you are infected, it is important that both you and your partner receive treatment immediately.

7) Sex toys must be cleansed

Sex Toys - Glass dildo and vibrators in bed

If you use sex toys during sex or masturbation, make sure that your hands and/or any apparatus are extremely clean. Wash with warm water and soap to remove potential bacteria or infection.

8) Be careful with anal sex

Love is in the air, it's obvious

If you participate in anal sex, you must always be sure not to have vaginal sex following anal sex. If you do, it can result in devastating and extremely serious medical problems, as infections including E-coli are transmitted via one’s back passage and can then be transmitted to the vagina and urethra.  This can lead to severe cystitis, endometritis, s, pelvic infection, pelvic adhesions and chronic pelvic pain and lead to fertility problems.

dr Ismal, is my vagina normal, healthistaDr. Ahmed Ismail is one of the world’s leading Consultant Gynecologists and Fertility Experts. For more information, visit / @DoctorAIsmail

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