vegetables to blend in a recovery protein shake

Post-workout smoothie recipe to help you recover after the gym – from Healthista nutrition blogger Rick Hay

The Superfoodist, Rick Hay creates a delicious post workout smoothie recipe exclusively for Healthista to help you recover after the gym

Rick Hay, The Superfoodist, is a Nutritional Physiologist and Anti-Ageing Food and Fitness Nutritionist. He specialises in naturopathy, obesity treatment, weight management, anti-ageing food and fitness, beauty from within and natural sports medicine.

Rick Hay opts for glutamine from Protein Works, chia seeds from chiabia as well as sunwarrior’s natural protein powder in his Recovery Shake.

‘Chia seeds are packed full of essential fatty acids and protein which are wonderful for hair, skin and nails and feelings of fullness’, Hay reveals. Hay uses sunwarrior’s superfood protein powder in the banana, avocado and spinach smoothie.


Recovery Protein Shake



Blend the spinach, avocado and banana with glutamine and chia seeds and add one scoop of sunwarrior protein powder to make the perfect recovery shake.

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