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More sex please – we’re cold! Why men want it more in winter PLUS the couples’ sex toy that ups the Ahh factor

It may be an old wives’ tale that there’s a baby boom in July to September due to the cold winters nine months before, but now science may be backing this up 

In a study published in The Psychology of Human Sexuality, 114 men had their reactions tested to two sets of images; one of women’s faces, and one of women’s bodies. They were shown the images quarterly, and although the attraction levels for photos of the faces stayed the same, there was a rise in levels for the body shots, in particular in the wintery months. But it’s not just photos – the report also showed that men who were in a relationship during the trial were experiencing a peak attraction level to their partners at this time of the year too.

Couple in Winter

But why would this be? No it’s not just because there’s central heating indoors and good movies on TV, or because the fridge is stacked full naughty Christmassy treats (although that might lead to an extra ‘I love you’ or two…). In the summer, when flesh is openly paraded on beaches and down the high street, it all becomes a much of a muchness. But in the winter, the study has said, when we’re all wrapped up to our eyeballs, even the flash of an ankle can get the heart rate going.

Stocking filler, anyone?

If you’re looking for a naughty gift to put in your partner’s stocking this Christmas, the LELO Ida couples massager could be just the ticket.

LELO Ida Massager

The Ida (above) has a rounded disc that sits externally during sex, providing strong vibrations for him, and the longer internal pleasure point massages the G-Spot in a circular motion,for you. At £116.95, that’s a whole lotta love (it’s rechargeable through the mains).


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