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Attention coconut water addicts! New Cocoface is still in the shell and now in the shops

This week we just can’t stop raving about Cocoface – the edgy, natural start-up who have launched a coconut water that’s basically what you get on the street in Barbados 

Founded in 2012, Cocoface specialises in importing fresh coconuts from southern Thailand. By making the raw water available to drink straight from the shell, the flavour of the coconut remains exactly as nature intended, making it the only 100 per cent natural and unpasteurised coconut water on the market.

Dash drops by to deliver our coconuts.
Dash drops by to deliver our coconuts.

Coconut water is a great source of nutrients and minerals such as the naturally occurring potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium chloride that are responsible for many of the vital processes in the body like muscle and brain function, blood pressure and hydration. We love the fact that Cocoface add nothing to their water so you get the hydration benefits unadulterated.

Unlike packaged coconut drinks, Cocoface’s water leaves no wastage, and the bonus flesh is ideal for making juices, smoothies and salads. You can cut open the shell and eat your way through it.

The water itself tastes great fresh from the fridge, sweet and floral. It’s the Nam Hom variety of coconut so has a natural, malty undertone that many others do not (oh yeh, we’re serious about coconut water ’round here).

cocoface 7

The founders of Cocoface are a trendy, down to earth pair referred to as ‘Dash and Charlie’ (that’s Dash, pictured top left, delivering the fresh Cocoface loot to Healthista Towers, lucky us) who came together through a shared love of coconuts and wanting to make them more available. Starting out selling at London food markets and doing deliveries in an old BMW convertible, they now operate in Ibiza and throughout the UK.

Emma, our writer's coco face  this afternoon
Emma, our writer’s coco face this afternoon

Dash said they named the company after the excited, happy face people make the moment the first try the delectable juice in its shell. Here left, is one we made earlier. One downside, it’s pricey chaps, £3.50 a piece and available at Whole Foods and Planet Organic.



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