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Coconut crazy! 8 NEW ways to get coconuts into your diet

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At Healthista we are already obsessed with coconut oil and coconut water but what other luscious coconut products are yet to be discovered? Vicky Hadley investigates the new must-have coconut accessories (because Health IS the new fashion darling!)

Coconuts are packed with a medium-chain fatty acid known as Lauric Acid, which can help to lower cholesterol and kill harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi in the body. Coconuts act as a superfood that helps in speeding up your metabolism and providing your body with a great source of energy and good fats. So what coconut products should we be including in our day to day diets?

1. Coconut Jam

Coconut jam

Coconut jam, is a rich, delicious and healthy alternative to regular jam. It has a smooth and velvety texture, low GI and uses 100% pure coconuts as the only ingredients.

Why we love it: This delicious jam tastes too good to be true, with its sweet, chocolate-y taste and no added sugar or badness it is no surprise we have one empty tub sat in the Healthista kitchen. If you are a Nutella lover or chocoholic then this jam is the perfect addition to your diet.


2. High protein coconut water


CocoPro Shot

Coco Pro is the brand new coconut water with a twist. It has added whey protein and vanilla flavouring turning your coconut water into a high protein drink. Coco Pro is sweetened with steviol glycosides which is a plant based sweetener and is the perfect option for all you gym bunnies.

Why we love it: If you love coconut water you will Coco Pro. With a thicker texture than coconut water and 20 grams of protein it makes a very filling drink. If you are on your way to the gym and haven’t got time to blast up a protein shake, but want to provide your body with optimal hydration and repair your muscles then here is the solution.

3. Coconut Snacks

coconut bounce

Bounce Balls are filled with nuts and seeds to lift your energy levels and give you a ‘bounce’. We love the macademia and coconut flavour, with its chewy nutty taste and sweet coconut scent you will never want to get your protein bar from anywhere else.

primal pantry

The Primal Pantry have brought out another delicious protein bar that is ideal for all of you following a Paleo diet. Gluten and dairy free and packed full of energy boosting nuts this bar should be a staple addition to your gym bag. The Coconut and Macadamia bar is sweetened with dates and has a mouth watering coconut taste that will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Why we love it: Bounce Balls are not only an amazing source of protein they make an incredible treat if you are looking for a healthy sugar fix.

Primal Pantry bars are cold-pressed and grain free making them the ideal snack for any aspiring health enthusiast.


4. Coconut Yoghurt

alprococonut yoghurt

If you are looking for a dairy free yoghurt then look no further, Alpro and Coconut Collaborative have us sold with their coconut yoghurt range. Whether you are looking for a thick and creamy dessert or a light topping to your breakfast cereal they have it covered.

Why we love it: Coconut collaborative have spoilt us with their incredible coconut based yoghurts. With a gorgeously thick and creamy texture, and no nasty ingredients it makes an amazing breakfast yoghurt or dessert.

Alpro yoghurt have bought out a brand new coconut soya yoghurt. Rich in probiotic cultures that help fight off bacteria in the body. Alpro’s coconut yoghurt is both low in fat and carbohydrates and filled with plant based goodness, making a light and delicate breakfast or dessert option.


5.Coconut Chips

coconut chips
These coconut chips from Coconut Merchant are the ideal go-to snack to give you an energy boost. Filled with only three ingredients: coconut, natural fruit sugar and salt they bring you the exotic coconut taste wherever you are. The chips are baked and never fried with only 5 grams of sugar per serving.

Why we love it: These coconut chips are the perfect substitute for crisps. With no artificial sugar and the sweet crisp taste they can be turned into a delicious addition to your yoghurt or cereal in the morning, or eaten as a snack alone.

6. Coconut Milk

coconut milk

Forget dairy, Coconut Dream is the brand new milk alternative. Rich in Vitamin D and B12 this milk substitute is not only dairy, lactose and soya free it is a great source of calcium and low in fat. Coconut Dream is a tasty treat to be included in your diet.

Why we love it: We love everything healthy but the added vitamins and minerals really make get us excited. This drink is great in smoothies to give you a creamy base and mixed with chia seeds to create a delicious coconut chia pudding.


 7. Coconut Water


coconut water

Buko have brought out an organic coconut water with no added sugar. It is 100% pure and organic yet still tastes sublimely sweet. Founded from a GMO free farm in the Phillippines, Buko only use the best coconuts for their drinks.

Why we love it: With a lesser amount of sugar than most coconut waters you will ensure you are getting all of the minerals and vitamins from the coconut water without the added sugar. Buko also work with Cuipo to help preserve the rainforests, so every bottle of Buko purchased saves one square meter of rainforest, what’s not to love?



8. Coconut and Almond Butter

coconut and almond butter


Pip and Nut have launched a delicious new nutter butter combining coconuts with almonds, as huge nut butter fans anyway, we have melted over this new coconut addition. Palm oil free and only using agave as a sweetener, Coconut and Almond Butter is a must have. This nut butter has the delightfully nutty taste found in all nut butters but adds a coconut twist that sets your taste buds alive.

Why we love it: A great addition to your breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner you will never get bored of Pip and Nut. With no added sugar and a great source of vitamin E and magnesium, Pip and Nut will not only benefit your health it will benefit your taste buds too.


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