celebrities who love permanent make-up

The new semi-permanent make-up

Semi-permanent make-up is the newest celebrity obsession, but what is it exactly and have we FINALLY unravelled the secrets to celebrity beauty?

We are used to seeing flawless airbrushed photos of our favourite celebrities transforming buses and billiton boards daily, and it was okay when we knew that no matter how attractive they were, at least part of their beauty was down to their skilled photographer and editor.

But now it seems that celebrities such as the stunning Michelle Keegan, Angelina Jolie and Lucy Mecklenburgh have ditched the slap but are looking even more flawless than ever even post gym. It just doesn’t make sense? So, we dived into the pool of celebrity secrets to unveil just how these celebs can not only wake up gorgeous, but can sweat gorgeousness too. In a word (or four): semi-permanent make-up.

Yes, this does mean there is still hope for us all, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna and Michelle Keegan are just a handful of celebs who are rumoured to have had their perfect eyebrows semi-permanently applied. Whilst Lucy Mecklenburgh and Louise Thompson swear by their perfect brows that even Cara Deleveigne would envy. Brows aren’t the be all and end all of semi-permanent make-up though, although they do prove the most popular. Jessica Wright opted for a natural semi-permanent pink lip blush giving her the perfect pout day in and day out.

Louise Thompson Semi-permanent eyebrows the celebrity trend by Healthista

Louise Thompson, 25 from Made in Chelsea
models the perfect brows opting for individual hair lines
called microblading.

Semi-permanent make-up is actually now named permanent make-up however it only lasts up to three years before needing a top-up. Permanent make-up is not a tattoo as once thought, although it is quite similar. But what does it actually entail, apart from making us look as perfect as our celebrity crushes and what sort of treatments are out there?

Lucy Mecklenburgh looking fresh faced at the JD sports launch yet still maintaining perfect make-up

Lucy Mecklenburgh, 24 from TOWIE
(The Only Way is Essex) looking fresh
faced with flawless semi-permanen eyebrows.

Natasha Borciani, specialises in natural looking make-up.
Natasha Borciani is the founder of Borciani in London and a specialist in achieving the natural look in permanent make-up. She’s an accredited member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals SPCP and BABTAC, and holds certifications for techniques such as advanced micro-blading, hair follicle simulation and more.

I treat clients who have lost their hair and eyebrows during chemotherapy

What kinds of semi-permanent make-up (SPMU) are available? ‘There are so many options, from permanent eyebrows and eyeliner to lip colouring and skin rejuvenation’, reveals Natasha. So, who can have SPMU then? ‘Semi Permanent make up (PMU) is for anyone over 18 who wants perfect make-up’, says Natasha. However it’s not just for those who want to achieve flawless make-up; ‘I also treat clients who have lost their hair and eyebrows during chemotherapy, or are suffering with scarring and want skin rejuvenation treatments’, says Natasha.

I have had clients who fall asleep

So, does the treatment actually hurt? ‘We use a range of topical anaesthetics to ensure that you are as relaxed as possible during the treatment and that any discomfort is kept to an absolute minimum’, she tells Healthista. ‘Most clients describe the sensation as ‘tingling vibrations’ rather than actual pain and I have had clients who fall asleep’, she says.

micbroblading eyebrows semi-permanent make-up is the new permanent.jpg

How does SPMU or PMU work? ‘The pigment will affect everyone differently depending on skin tone, sun exposure and lifestyle,’ says Natasha ‘but the make-up can last up to three years’, she says. ‘The pigment will appear darker and more defined on the day of the treatment and will reduce by up to 60 per cent once the skin has completely healed’, says Natasha.  Natasha’s options of permanent make-up range from lipstick, lipliner, eyebrows, eyeliner, scar softening and more. For the full price list see the website.

Not quite ready for semi-permanent make-up just yet?

If you’re not sure you’re ready to try semi-permanent make-up just yet or simply want to test out how you’d look with the make-up? Why not opt for Wunder2’s make-up first. Wunder2 are the first cosmetic brand that gives you the look of semi-permanent make-up and does not wash off with water. The WunderBrow can last up to three days as can the WunderExtentions mascara creating the perfect effect of semi-permanent make-up.

The full WUNDER2 range is available at www.wunder2.co.uk

wunderbrow make up permanent make up is the new permanentwunderbrow brand new products is semi-permanent make up the new permanent


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