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No-Nonsense Nutrition

21 gluten-free eating hacks this food-loving coeliac swears by

Rosie Henley has been a coeliac since she was a baby, but it hasn't stopped her having a healthy diet - here's how


No-Nonsense Nutrition

How much salt is too much?

Salt makes food tasty but health pundits say it's the leading cause of heart attack and stroke. For Salt Awareness Week, Nutritionist May Simpkin has useful advice on finding a balance

sad featured eating, food and mood how to beat depression by healthista

No-Nonsense Nutrition

7 diet changes to help depression

New research has discovered THE best diet to prevent depression. Nutritionist May Simpkin has a mood-friendly diet makeover

How to stay healthy on holiday - a nutritionist's guide, may simpkin, by healthista (2)

No-Nonsense Nutrition

How to stay healthy on holiday – the nutritionist’s guide

Faced with pizza, alcohol and desserts galore, how is it possible to stay healthy on holiday? Nutritionist May Simpkin shares her best tips (and yes - you can still have treats!)

clock fasting featured, why fasting works for weight loss by healthista

No-Nonsense Nutrition

Fasting for weight loss – the nutritionist’s guide

Fasting for weight loss is a well kept secret in the world of nutritionists and others in the health know - nutritionist May Simpkin explains how intermittent fasting could help you lose weight

ghee bowl butter featured, so why is ghee okay by healthista

No-Nonsense Nutrition

Why ghee is the new health food of the moment

Ghee, or clarified butter, is the health food of the moment, says nutritionist May Simpkin who claims we should ignore its bad rep. Good news is, it makes food taste amazing