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The bloating fix that tastes like chocolate milkshake and it's dairy free FEATURED

The bloating fix that tastes like chocolate milkshake and it’s dairy free

A new probiotic drink claims to help digestive health in just 14 days.  Editor Anna Magee  - whose bloat always got worse after eating certain foods - put it to the ultimate test 

Can't focus_ This supplement could help FEATURED
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Can’t focus? This supplement could help

Do you find it hard to focus? Turns out B vitamins may be what you need. Nutritional Director Rick Hay explains why B vitamins are so important and how you can increase your intake

Hormones out of balance_ These 7 lifestyle hacks will help FEATURE
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Hormonal imbalance? These 7 lifestyle hacks will help

From intermittent fasting to weight training, a few simple lifestyle changes are proven to help hormonal symptoms, whether you're menopausal, pre-menopausal or just really pre-menstrual

Butternut flu fighting soup by Dale Pinnock

Flu fighting soup recipe from medicinal chef Dale Pinnock

Just us or is everyone coming down with something? TV favourite, Dale Pinnock, aka The Medicinal Chef cooks up his immune-pumping cold fix in a bowl

8 signs of iron deficiency even doctors miss pale skin Better You Iron Oral Spray Greg Weatherhead Healthista FEATURE
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8 signs of iron deficiency even doctors miss

Heart palpitations, dry skin and soreness in the mouth aren’t exactly symptoms you – or your doctor – would associate with iron deficiency. Editor Anna Magee reports

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Got a bloated stomach again? Here’s the REAL reason

Do you regularly get a bloated stomach and don't know why? Sharon Walker investigates the reasons behind bloating. Clue: they're not what you think

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