Dina's Transformation week 5 FEATURED


What to eat to lose weight – transformation week 5

Dina Hinar has lost almost six kilos in five weeks on her body transformation with trainer Terry Fairclough - here is exactly what she eats to lose weight 

Dina's Transformation week 4 FEATURED


3 workouts for weight loss – Body Transformation week 4

Dina has lost a staggering 11 pounds in four weeks with trainer Terry Fairclough

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How your body type affects your weight loss – body transformation week 3

Are you an ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph? Find out how her body type influences Dina's weight loss on her body transformation and identify yours

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5 steps to starting a weight loss transformation – your new body starts here

Dina Hinar is embarking on a 10 week weight-loss transformation with top celeb trainer Terry Fairclough - follow her journey in detail every Tuesday. This week - getting started on a weight loss journey

Olivia's transformation wk 11 FEATURE


9 weight-loss mistakes ruining your body goals – Body Transformation Week 11

Healthista’s Olivia Hartland-Robbins is on one week from the end of her transformation journey and she has lost 6kg and a staggering 7% body fat

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4 hormones that help you lose weight from exercise – Body Transformation Week 10

Olivia Hartland-Robbins has lost 6% body fat on this body transformation and training for optimum hormone balance has been key to getting results