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It’s the Brangelina vegetable: A cross between two stars – Brussels sprouts and kale – it’s BrusselKale

Hybrid foods seem to be popping up everywhere; The cronut, the pluot, the duffin. But the meeting of two superfoods, kale and brussels sprouts, is quite possibly the best thing to happen this week. Behold, the BrusselKale.

BrusselKale, also called Flower Sprout, is set to hit stores nationwide during the Autumn season. A spokeperson for Tozer Seeds said that the taste is ‘a fusion of sweet and nutty’ which will be appealing to those who don’t have a penchant for sprouts. 

They also claimed that BrusselKale is rich in vitamin B6 and contains double the amount of vitamin C found in regular Brussels sprouts.kale1

The BrusselKale is apparently a  versatile vegetable, and according to Flower Sprout, it can be ‘steamed, micro waved, stir fried, boiled or blanched’

Sold under many brand names right now, such as Lollipop or BrussellKale, Tozer Seeds, the creator of the hybrid, said that it is to be released under one brand name to avoid confusion. Both kale and Brussel sprouts are members of the cabbage family, and the fusion of the two create a leafy purple and green vegetable.

Hybrid vegetables are not a new concept however. The Broccolini vegetable (broccoli and kai-lan) was released in 1999 and according to USA Today ‘the result of agricultural scientists who use old-fashioned methods of cross-pollination: the transfer of pollen from the flower of one plant to the stigma of another, to produce a new fruit or vegetable.’


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