Blake Lively reveals secret behind her glossy hair is COCONUT OIL

American actress and model Blake Lively has revealed that the secret behind her gorgeous glossy mane is an old trick of her mum’s – coconut oil

Chanel Jewelry 80th Anniversary of the "Bijoux De Diamant" Collection

Mrs Ryan Reynolds said in a recent interview with The Cut :

‘When you shampoo your hair, you’re trying to get the oil out of your roots, but you really want the rest of your hair to maintain its moisture. When you put coconut oil on the ends, the shampoo gets oil out of the roots, but also protects the ends.’

Coconut oil has lots of fans in high places, with Miranda Kerr praising it for helping her lose her baby weight. Well, if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for any Healthista – we want in!


Chi Coconut Oil


Here at HQ we love Chi Organic Coconut Oil, available from Amazon for £8.45. It’s a star choice for both your bathroom and kitchen cupboards.


We have, however, heard news this morning that Blake is planning on leaving acting behind to start up a new site. Although she isn’t sure of the details yet, there are hints that it will be foodie; ‘You cannot be around me without talking about food’ – a girl after our own heart, that’s what we like to see.

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