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Make vegetable noodles with the easiest EVER spiralizer

Spiralizers are all over Instagram, Hemsley and Hemsley are doing it and spiralizing is one of the hottest food  trends in 2015. Here’s the easiest, quickest one we’ve found

Zoodles are spiralized courgettes but a spiralizer can be used on many other veggies too, such as carrots, mooli (Chinse radish) or beetroot. You won’t believe how delicious spiralized courgette tastes until you try it. Thefunky handheld mandoline by Harcas turns your veg into pasta in seconds and it’s as easy as using a giant pencil sharpener! Some kitchen gadgets are a whirl for thirty minutes, then you put them in a draw and they never come out. This slicer however will easily become your go-to-gadget because it makes dinner that much more interesting (and fast).

It can add a bit of fun to meal times, and the stringy consistency of pasta (good for holding sauces) can still be enjoyed without the insulin spike of the wheat-y original. It’s especially great for spicing up raw food diets by adding new textures. And no need to worry about clumsy people, there are finger guards built in to avoid any catastrophes.

Easy recipe:

Spiralize half a cucumber, add some salt, pepper, dill and sour cream to it. Mix well and top with smoked salmon.

Available from Amazon.

Price: £15.97

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