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7 BEST Creams on the night shift

Whether your skin needs brightness, tightness or a healthier glow we’ve found the miracle fixes that will work the late hours on your face and help you wake up prettier

Drinking three cups of coffee and endless Diet Coke? Your skin is thirsty. Working long hours and no time for rest? Your skin is tired. Hungover and only eaten chips for lunch? Your skin is lacking nourishment. But there isn’t enough hours in the day to give your skin the TLC it needs so here are the miracle workers that will do it while you sleep.

retinol 3trBest for: SUN DAMAGE

Medik8 Retinol 3 TR £25.50 is a specially formulated night serum  that contains retinol known to help resurface skin wrinkles and pigmentation such as discolouration caused by too much sun exposure.  By massaging a few drops into your skin it can help minimise pores during your slumber too.  Our tester Jo said it’s non-greasy and doesn’t leave behind any bad scents and can be used for a pre-sleep facial massage to boost circulation and relax the skin before bed.

Aromatherapy Overnight Repair MaskBest for: FINE LINES

Aromatherapy Overnight Repair Mask £51.00  Key ingredients millet, strawberry seed and geranium oils help reduce the look of wrinkles.  Apply the mask to exfoliated face and let it sink into the skin. Our tester Petra, said it felt comforting to use and made her skin look more fresh and glowey in the mornings.






Dahliana Fruit Lift  £56 goes natural harnessing the power of ‘fruit stem technology’ which means it uses fruit acids from cherry, grapefruit and apple to help exfoliate a dull surface layer of skin while you sleep. The mask is part exfoliant and part cream to clean and moisturize your skin. Not only does it glide on to your skin creating a light coating of moisture but it as it goes on the smell is lush, like a grapefruit smoothie. Really works too – our tester Vicki’s skin was dull and overworked from a stressful job and a month of summer partying. She said after two weeks use her skin looked brighter and appeared tighter.


Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask £29 uses Clinique’s renowned Moisture Surge hydration technology to deeply re-moisturise and replump skin without any greasy residue. It goes on much like a night cream and provides a fabulously rich moisture barrier to give dry skin comfort over night. Our tester Lottie used this three times a week for two weeks and said it softened her summer-weary skin and made it feel softer and look plumper after a fortnight.

skyn ICELAND Oxygen Infusion Night Cream




Skyn Iceland £49.00 is specially formulated to combat the signs of stress on skin and helps calm inflamed skin with its yeast extract. Stressed-out skin can be dull and flaky but this oxygen infused night cream is designed to work with the skin’s natural renewal process.   It has a water base so doesn’t feel rich or oily and can be applied to blemish-prone skin.

LANCOME Visionnaire



Thinking of undergoing a dermatological procedure? Postpone that a bit longer and try Lancôme’s Visionnaire £59. This product is a multitasking serum that minimises pores, evens out pigmentation irregularities and helps refine the texture of the skin. Jasmonic Acid is the key component that is used to repair the skin damage and to defend against further damage. Our editor Anna Magee (44 with dehydrated, blemish prone skin with fine wrinkles and some little sun spots) loves this stuff so much she actually buys it.



George Louise has created an 83 per cent organic oil Sleeping Beauty Oil £68 that is enriched with natural vitamins and antioxidants to help smooth and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Our tester, Caroline  liked the musky, deep fragrance of this oil and said: ‘it felt luxurious to apply, and my skin felt re-hyrdated after just a night, and a week on, smooth, becalmed and happy.’


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