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EEK! Plastic surgeon sculpts woman into his perfect wife

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It’s hard enough if they tell you to lose some weight.  Imagine your partner wanted to perform multiple plastic surgeries on you? Lauren Zima reports in

Meet Dr. David Matlock, who did just that. The woman who is currently his wife first came to him as a patient, and the West Hollywood doc offered her what he called a ‘Wonder Woman Makeover.’ (Via LAIst)

After several surgeries were completed, Matlock took Veronica out on a date and proposed. Now, Matlock says he watches both his weight and his wife’s. They continue with procedures; he’s undergone some too.

And they’ve appeared on TV several times, him on shows like ‘Dr. 90210,’ and both were cast members on US reality show Plastic Wives which aired earlier this year. (Via ABC)

DAVID: ‘The lady came up to me, ‘Oh, Dr. Matlock how are you doing?’ I didn’t remember, and I said, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, I don’t remember faces.’ (Via TLC)

I Have Created My Perfect WifeThey both work out daily and enter bodybuilding contests. But it’s not totally a family affair. Veronica’s 9-year-old daughter, Isabella, says she can’t see herself having such surgeries.

ISABELLA: ‘It’s not really you. Like, I want to be myself.’ (Via BarcroftTV)

Veronica is 38 years old. David is 49.

Veronica says she considers herself a walking advertisement for his business and is even featured on his website.

She says no matter what people think, she knows David loves her for who she is because he says when she first walked into his office, before all the surgeries, it was love at first sight.

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Video courtesy Barcroft TV



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