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Are fillers the new surgery?

kardashians lip fillers are they the new surgery

Fillers seem to be knocking plastic surgery into the ‘That’s SO last year’ category – celebs like Kim Kardashian swear by them but could they replace surgery?

What are dermal fillers?

Plastic surgery has definitely been brushed aside as fillers have taken the spotlight. After storming across Hollywood and landing in the UK there are finally new ways to change the shape of your features that don’t involve going under the knife.


Who’s getting them?

kylie jenner fillers are the new surgery by Healthista

Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner (above), most of the Kardashian clan and reality TV stars from TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex) and Geordie Shore have used fillers to achieve their pillowy pouts and perfect skin. But, it’s not just lips that fillers can help; fillers are an incredible way to sculp and change the shape of your nose and chin and the procedure can be over in as little as 15-30 minutes.

kim kardashian selfie fillers are the new surgery by Healthista

You get to hold a mirror throughout the process

What is the point in fillers? ‘With fillers you actually have a say on the final shape of your features, says Dr. Joney of Dr. Joney De Souza’s clinic on Wigmore Street. ‘There is no need to worry that you won’t like the end result because you get to hold a mirror throughout the process,’ Dr. Joney says. ‘This means they can participate the entire time,’ says Dr. Joney. ‘I always tell my clients that, it is you, you don’t want to change you’, he says.

Who needs them?

So, who should get fillers? ‘Those who need minor corrections,’ says Dr Joney. ‘Those who don’t want to undergo a massive surgery and want subtle changes’, he asserts. ‘For example if someone wanted to tweak the shape of their nose [called non-surgical rhinoplasty], hide a bump, change the tip a non-surgical rhinoplasty is a much easier and quicker option than surgery,’ says Dr.Joney. ‘To hide wrinkles or fine lines fillers in the cheeks or forehead will create a younger look’, he reveals. ‘Many people want plumper lips, from the natural subtle feminine look to the bolder bigger lips which can all be accomplished with lip filler,’ Dr. Joney tells Healthista.

Kylie Jenner swears by lip fillers for her perfect pout whilst Kim Kardashian uses fillers to hide wrinkles and create her flawless, dewy looking skin. The other benefit of fillers is of course the price. A typical plastric surgery appointment for a nose job can cost around £4000 whilst fillers start from a mere £300. Chin implants can cost between £3000 to £4000 but start from only £200 if you choose fillers.

‘Non Surgical Rhinoplasty cannot of course replace a traditional Rhinoplasty especially where there is a desire to dramatically reduce the size of the nose’, says Dr. Joney. ‘However it is a great way to trick the eye into believing the nose is smaller and tidier,’ he says. ‘Many of my clients have a huge confidence boost after their treatments and never feel the need to get surgery again’, Dr. Joney assesses.

kylie jenner lip augumentation fillers the new surgery by Healthista

You must check what you are having injected


Are there any cautions to having fillers? ‘You must check what you are having injected,’ asserts Dr Joney. ‘It should be Juvederm or Vycross Juvederm, which are both made from hyaluronic acid’, he says. ‘This is natural and can be reversed if necessary by using a product that dissolves it,’ Dr Joney says. ‘You should also ensure that you are shown the expiry date of the filler so you know it is in date’, he reveals.

You need to also ensure your doctor is registered to practice in the UK with the General Medical Council.

dr joney are fillers the new surgery by healthista


Juvederm fillers at Dr Joney De Souza’s clinic start at £250. Dr Joney is registered with the General Medical Council.

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