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8 fitness Instagrammers reveal the one beauty product essential to their workout

With their perfect bodies and inspirational messages is there any surprise these fitness instagrammers have thousands of followers? But what beauty products do their swear by for that healthy glow? Healthista’s Vicky Hadley found out

When we look to our favourite fitness Instagrammers for advice it tends to be for what food we should eat, what exercise we should do and what gym wear we should be wearing. But if there’s one thing in common with our idols it’s the fact that there is absolutely no denying their healthy glow and radiant skin. We all want to know their secrets so I asked nine of the top fitness instagrammers what is the one beauty product they simply can not live (or workout) without… Oh, and they can’t say deodorant…

Amanda Finnie

Instagram: amandafinniee 184K Followers

amanda finnie 9 fitness instagrammers reveal the one makeup essential they can't live without

Which product?  Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer

What do you do with it? I use it before I put my foundation, or after I put on moisturiser.

Why can’t you be without it? It has SPF30 in it which for me is the most important thing to put on your skin. It feels almost silky when you apply which makes me feel like I’m putting the best product on my skin.

Quick tips for using it? Apply on a cleansed, toned and moisturised skin as prep before makes. With clean hands apply in circular motions and blend it outwards.

Where do i get it?

Jade Katy

Bikini model and BPI Athlete.

Instagram: @jadekaty  181K followers.


Make up essential: Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow

What do you do with it: Shape & fill your eyebrows

Why can’t you be without it: Because brows are the absolute basis of shaping your face, as long as I have good brows I can do anything.

Quick tips for using it? Don’t use too much product and make sure you build it up in the direction of your hairs to get natural looking perfect brows

Where do I get it: tricky one as it’s only available in the states so you can get it on Anastasia Beverley Hills website, or in store in Sephora. There’s a U.K. Site which sells it called cult beauty!


Imogen Parfitt

Instagram: @Parrfitness Followers 47.8K ambassadorimogen-parrfit-9-fitness-instagrammers-make-up-essential

Make up essential? Urban decay make up fixing spray

What do you do with it? After applying all your make up, spritz lightly all over your face to keep your make up in place.

Why can’t you be without it? My make up literally doesn’t move. I can sweat as much as I like and know I don’t have mascara running down my face.

Quick Tips for using it? Don’t spray too much, just a light coverage all over your face is enough. It should only take a few seconds to totally dry

Where do I get it? Urban decay


Clean Eating Alice (Alice Liveing)

Instagram: @clean_eating_alice  Followers: 443K

Clean Eating Alice is a Fitness First ambassador who offers her workout and nutritional advice to their members.

clean eating alice jade-katy-9-fitness-instagrammers-reveal-their-favourite-make-up.png

 What is the one make up essential you can’t workout without?

I often find if I’m working out, I can get quite dry lips as I have a funny habit of biting them when I’m concentrating, so I always ensure I’ve got a good lip balm on me to keep them moisturised. My favourite is the Dr Zelens lip therapy oil which lasts for hours!

What do you do with it?

It’s mainly a lip treatment that provides deep nourishing moisture for the lips, but I also use a little on my finger to tame my browns and give them a bit of shine!

Why can’t you be without it?

Nobody likes to walk around with chapped lips, and no matter how much I try to avoid biting them it’s become a bit of habit. I try and stay completely hydrated during my sessions, but this lip treatment is the best product I’ve found that offers long lasting shiny lips as if you were wearing a gloss, but with the added bonus of a lip treatment too.

Quick Tips for using it?

It’s really as simple as dipping the wand into the gel and using on your lips and brows. I also sometimes add a little to my eye-lids for extra moisture on tired eyes if I’m doing an early morning session.

Where do I get it?

The best pace to get it is either online, or in store at Space NK.

Zanna Van Di Jik

Instagram: zannavandijk Followers: 126K


What is the one make up essential you can’t workout without?

 Makeup wipes! I use simple cleansing wipes.

What do you do with it?

 I use them to wipe down my face straight after a workout.

Why can’t you be without it?

 I don’t like to wear makeup when I work out as it clogs my pores and leads to break outs. If I don’t wash my face straight after a workout, the sweat can cause me to get acne so I like to use wipes when I am in a pinch to give my skin a quick clean.!

Quick Tips for using it?

Use them ASAP after you train to avoid your pores getting clogged. And then use your favourite moisturiser afterwards.

Where do I get them? Online or at boots or superdrug.

Stephanie Moir

Instagram: naturallystefanie Followers: 82K


Make up essential?

I cannot live without mascara

What do you do with it?

Mascarat lifts and tints the eyelashes

Why can’t you be without it?

I feel mascara opens my eyes and makes me look awake in the gym, it gives off the illusion I have done something to make myself look better! 

Quick Tips for using it?

Literally apply a few coats as you are running out the door .. or in the car before the gym like me! 

Where do I get it?

I use Boots Natural Collection .. £1.99, you cannot beat that!

Julie Montagu

Instagram: theflexifoodie  Followers: 84.3K


Make up essential?  If I’m honest…. my eyelash extensions

What do you do with them? Use them to infill and entend lashes. I started having eyelash extensions put in about a year ago because I was filming for an American TV show that I’m on and well, I am obsessed!

Why do you love them? They are great for working out because I don’t ever ever have to wear mascara again and therefore, no mascara ever melting down my eyes when I’m working out or teaching one of my hot yoga classes.

Where do I get them?

Lottie Murphy

Instagram: lottiemurphy_  Followers: 33.8K


Make up essential? Lip balm.

What do you do with it? Moisturise my lips.


Why can’t you be without it? I don’t like to workout with much make up on my face but I still like to be presentable so keeping my lips moisturised and soft helps. I will brush through my eyebrows too.

Where do I get it? I love EOS balms and Neals Yard Busy Bee Balm.

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