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5 best vegan chocolate treats to try this Easter

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Looking for a vegan chocolate treat with literally nothing naughty? Healthista blogger Rochelle Cobbina has investigated the most sustainably sourced, pure ingredient-containing raw vegan chocolates out there (someone has to do it, okay?)

1. Pana Chocolate

Pana Choc, 6 healthy treats this easter, healthistaPana chocolate is number one on the list as not only is it a huge saviour for vegans, it’s also for those who are gluten-free.

Handmade in Australia, Pana Chocolate is created from raw, vegan, organic ingredients and is produced using minimal heat.

pana choc, healthy easter choc, healthista

To add a special touch for this Easter, Pana Chocolate have new ranges of raw, organic and handmade special Happy Easter gift packs featuring four flavours including Coconut and Goji, Mint, Fig & Wild Orange.

We love the latter especially, the indulgent soft texture  combined with wild orange essential oil and chunky fig pieces is a heavenly taste sensation.  pana fig wild and orange, healthy choc, healthista

Pana Chocolate gift packs cost £13.90 and are available online from the Pana chocolate website as well as Whole Foods Market, As Nature Intended, Planet Organic and select independent retailers.

Find out more at


2. Lovechock

love choc tablet, healthy easter choc, healthista

Born out of passion, Lovechock was discovered by Laura de Nooijer, who was inspired by the power of plants during her travels through South America and was left with a real love for raw cacao.

As for the taste, it’s amazing, lacks the icky too-sweetness you get with cheap chocolate and instead has a real cacao, subtle tang. The adorable Lovechock packaging is 100 per cent eco-friendly and  Lovechock is also soy and gluten free.

Lovechock Mylk Tablet: Sweet Nibs & Sea Salt (£3.00)

love choc, seasalt tablet, healthy easter choc, healthista

We particularly love the Sweet Nibs & Sea Salt, a sophisticated combination of crisp cacao nibs, zesty sea salt and sweet dates fused with raw cacao that is honestly to-die-for. We kept it in the fridge for the ultimate post-lunch treat.


Lovechock Rocks:

Mulberry/Hemp Seed Chocolate Rocks (£3.49)

Lovechock_Rocks mulberry

The Mulberry/ Hemp seed Chocolate Rocks are also gorgeous – their combination of sweet mulberries and nutty hemp seeds give the rocks a chewy with salty-sweet flavour that make your tastebuds go ‘ping’.









From Natures Health box, Body Goal, Elpis Concept & Detox Your World.  Find out more at 


3. T2 Teas

We know – tea isn’t technically chocolate, but the new range of chocolate teas from T2 is just so good we had to include them.

T2 Teas_Header


T2, Healthy Easter treats,Choc Selfies

T2 Choc Selfie Kit (£10.00)

The T2 Choc selfie kit contains 10  tea bags in different chocolate-y flavours from Caramel Brownie to Red Chocolate Mint which once brewed taste almost as if you are having the real thing but with zero calories. Result.





T2 Baxter’s Buns (£16.00)

 Before even trying this tea you can’t help but stare at the adorable baby pink, gold and copper packaging. Open the box and out comes the smell of cinnamon spiciness. Then there’s the taste – Baxter Buns tea literally tastes like hot cross buns that takes you right back to childhood!




T2 Choc Matcha (£10.00)

For a chocolatey twist on a trendy Japanese favourite, T2 Choc Matcha  green tea, tastes like a healthy green hot chocolate. If you find matcha tea a little grassy, you’ll adore this because it gives you all the amazing antioxidant and metabolism-boosting effects of matcha green tea but tastes like chocolate. That’s a win right there.

Matcha teas, healthy easter treats, healthista











T2 Matcha teas are 100 percent organic, made from powdered green matcha tea and raw organic cacao only, they come in three flavours: mint, cinnamon chocolate and will be available from T2 on April 4th.


4. Raw Halo

raw halo choc collection, healthy easter choc, healthista

Founded by Meg Haggar on the principle that one should not have to sacrifice life’s little luxuries to eat clean, the branding of Raw Halo ticks all our boxes – subtle, sophisticated and a bit fun. The taste is unbelievable and lives up to the packaging and in fact, Raw Halo won the Great Taste Award for chocolate in 2015 from The Vegan society, so this is a MUST try.



We love the Dark + Sour Cherry and Almond (£2.99), raw-halo-dark-sour-cherry-raw-chocolate-bar_fdark- raw 76 percent chocolate made with organic sour cherry and almond bits and sweetened with unrefined coconut sugar. You’ll love it if sweet and sour is your thing.








Our overall winner is Raw Halo Pure Mylk (£2.99) which uses cashew butter for creaminess and lucuma powder and pure vanilla for sweetness to create a subtle caramel-y taste that is a lot like the best dairy milk chocolate we’ve had.








Raw Halo costs £2.99 per bar (£8.50 for a pack of 3 and £16.50 for a pack of 6). Find out more on



Richard Tumer, founder of Ombar had a deep fascination for chocolate that was made with cacao and gave up his career at Cambridge University’s Assessment Research Department to follow his desire of setting up a business to create pure raw chocolate bars.   Every ingredient in Ombar chocolate is naturally and organically-sourced  and each bar is gluten-free too.



ombar buttonsWe love the Ombar Milk Buttons (£1.49) made using raw, organic cacao and sweetened using organic coconut palm sugar and coconut milk, giving it a rich, complex and creamy. Oh, and Ombar buttons contain a dose of gut-friendly bacteria, shown to improve health and digestion, a feature setting it apart form any other chocolate out there.





ombar centre

Ombar Centres (£1.99) are pretty special too with a creamy soft centre, made from a velvety coconut cream, and wrapped in a delicious dark chocolate or raw cacao. Take one bite and you are in heaven, perfect if you have a sweet tooth and you need something to fix that craving fast.





ombar blueberry

The newest in the range is Ombar SuperFood (£1.99) bars containing  blueberries and acai both of which contain antioxidant properties (though, whether there is enough in each bar to provide real benefits, we can’t say).

According to Ombar, the raw dark chocolate helps to preserve the naturally occurring antioxidants and flavonoids in the berries and acai. Any excuse to justify something that taste this good is fine with us.




Ombar Chocolate bars are available to purchase from Ocado, Planet Organic, Wholefoods and independent health food stores, or online at RRP £1.99.


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