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3 new uses for Botox. No shiny foreheads please


Excessive Botox and the ‘frozen’ forehead look is these days fairly detectable by anyone who can well, see.  So surgeons are moving away from the forehead and applying tiny amounts to other areas.  Mr Guy Sterne, plastic and cosmetic surgery consultant explains

Gummy smiles  ‘When some people smile, their top lip goes so far up that you see almost half a centimetre of gum’ says Mr Sterne.  ‘There is a muscle in the upper lip that can be touched with Botox and convert a gummy smile into a more relaxed, natural-looking smile.’

Downturned mouths  ‘The depressor anguli oris is a muscle that in some people as they age can pull the corners of the lips down,’ Mr Sterne explains.  ‘Sometimes a little weakening of these with a tiny amount of Botox can affect more of a smile at the corner of the lips.’

Neck lines  ‘There is a muscle in the neck called a platysma that can pull in one or two areas and result in long vertical bands on either side of the neck which develop because this muscle activates frequently,’ says Mr Sterne.  ‘Botox can eliminate that banding.’

Surgeon’s note:  ‘Go to someone highly experienced in the use of  Botox in areas such as the mouth and neck,’ says Mr Sterne.  ‘Done correctly they can make a great difference, but in the wrong hands the side effects can include dribbling, inability to smile or neck paralysis.’  Find a qualified, experienced cosmetic surgeon at

Mr Guy Sterne practices at NHS City Hospital, Birmingham and privately at The Southbank Hospital, Worcester.


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