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15 best gifts for beauty junkies


Healthista rounds up the best Christmas gifts for beauty junkies (but you’ll want them ALL for yourself)

The lights are up, the scent of mulled wine is taking over the pubs and people are fist-fighting for discounted televisions in the Black Friday sales. Yep, Christmas has well and truly landed. We hate to break it to you but if you haven’t already, it’s time you started thinking about who’s getting what this Christmas (sorry). And if any of the people on your gift list are beauty fans, you’ve just struck lucky. We’ve compiled a list of the best Christmas presents (and stocking fillers) for the makeup junkies, skincare addicts and haircare lovers in your life – you’re welcome.

For the Insta-addicts: Glossier Cloud Paint Quad


You’d have to have been hiding under a rock (without wifi) to have missed the biggest British beauty launch of the year – it wouldn’t truly be a beauty-lovers Christmas list if we didn’t include this brand. Heralded as a golden Glossier product (by us), this pillowy, gel-cream formula has been designed with user-friendliness in mind – the brand says ‘if you can finger paint, you can Cloud paint’. We love that this product is seamless, sheer and buildable which basically means it’s hard to overapply (sorry if you’re feeling those big-on-blush 80s vibes). The brand has created four shades that they are confident work across a wide range of skin tones for what they call a healthy, ‘flushed-from-within’ glow and ALL of them are available in this kit. The brand suggests wearing two at once or mixing them together to make new shades. We guarantee you that your #BBlogger obsessed social media savvy friend is hoping for a few Glossier products under the Christmas tree this year.

Available for £45 from Glossier here.

For the gadget lover: Stylpro Brush Cleaner and Dryer


When this product landed in Healthista HQ everyone was whipping out their makeup brushes to give this product a whirl. If it provided endless amounts of fun for us in the office, it is bound to bring joy to any beauty junkies Christmas day. Created by The Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau (he also invented the curved nail file), this Stylpro gadget promises to wash you makeup brushes leaving them clean and dry and ready to reuse in seconds. We all know that the pros say we should be cleaning our brushes every two to four weeks but in reality, a lot of us end up leaving it a lot longer (because who wants to wait another 24 hours to use your favourite makeup brush?) – when the brand interview 1000 women they found 44 percent had never washed their brushes and 60 percent hadn’t washed them in four weeks (guilty!) While it didn’t completely get rid of all of the product on our brushes (blusher brushes were left with a tinge of pink) it is a phenomenally handy gadget to add to your makeup kit – plus it comes in rose pink. We are definitely adding it to our Christmas lists.

Available for £39.99 from Boots here.

For the city slicker: REN Pollution Proof Kit


This cute kit is handbag sized, packing easily away as you run about the city. Following the news that the UK has one of the highest pollution death rates in Europe, we’re all about taking care to limit our intake. But when you live in a big city like London, Birmingham or Manchester (or 44 of the other toxic cities in the UK) it’s not always that easy. And it takes its toll on your skin too, getting the blame for dark spots, wrinkles, pigmentation and UV damage. Pollution proof products from brands like REN do make it easier for us to look after ourselves. This kit includes three steps to help (including a one-minute facial, a day cream and a night cream) plus an anti-pollution hydrating mist to shield and protect your skin throughout the day.

Available for £18 from Escentual here.

For green beauty babes: Axiology Fundamental Rose Gold Red


Healthista is always on the lookout for independent beauty brands and this one truly hits the mark. Not only is this brand 100 percent vegan so no animals have died for your drop-dead-red shade but the company also make sure to do their bit for the planet too. Axiology donates some of its annual profits to partners like the Orangutan Foundation International and PeTA. Even the gorgeous packaging that the brand uses is made a woman-owned recycled-paper boutique in Bali.

PLUS the company is committed to creating products made with natural ingredients – all this makes it perfect for your makeup loving pal that’s on a mission to save the planet. The Healthista team loves the buildability of this product. The product is highly pigmented and goes on as a moisturising creamy red sheen. The price point is high but the powerhouse of natural ingredients (grapeseed, vitamin e oil, candelilla, avocado oil and castor seeds to name a few) means we don’t even begrudge coughing up the cash.

Available for £29 from Content Beauty here.

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For bronzed-beauties: ESPA Gradual Tanning Moisturiser

ESPA gradual tanning lotion, 5 best natural fake tans by healthista

Featured earlier this year in Healthista’s best natural tans roundup, this is one truly hero product of 2017. Dubbed by our writers as ‘the Holy Grail of all tanning lotions’, wave bu-bye to that biscuity tan smell, this moisturiser smells like jasmine, rosewood and ylang ylang (perfect to buy for your faux tan loving friend who’s bedsheets always smell like fake tan). Famous for their spas around the world, ESPA is big on natural beauty and this product is no different. ESPA explains that their product is made with plant melanin (an antioxidant) and natural DHA (a tan accelerator) which is made from rapeseed, wheat and sugar beet which combine to create an even, long-lasting glow. For a tan, the price point is steep but it’s perfect to indulge in come Christmas time.

Available for £35 from John Lewis here.

For fragrance fanatics: Jo Malone Limited Edition Pomegranate Noir


Jo Malone describes this smell as ‘devilishly daring’, while we’re not completely sure what that means, we LOVE the deep, rich autumnal aromas of raspberry, pomegranate and plum that come through in this scent. The brand says it is spiked with pink pepper and laced with Casablanca lily and spicy woods – this is one beautifully dark and mysterious scent. And what’s more, we can’t get enough of Jo Malone’s brand new limited-edition fragrance bottles designed by artist Jonathon Saunders – we desperately want one sat on our dresser (and another packed away into our handbag). This sophisticated smell is one seriously luxe gift for a special someone in your life – especially if that special someone is you.

Available for £94 from Selfridges here.

For designer divas: Net-a-Porter Holiday Kit


This is one gift that any true beauty lovers will go crazy over – giving you the chance to try and test some of the biggest beauty steals of the year. It includes a selection of the best and most sought after products of 2017. Hero products in the kit include Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream – famous for its ability to hydrate dull (and hungover) complexions, the Marc Jacobs Beauty Fineliner, Oribe’s Lip Lust Crème Lipstick (a hot red lip colour that is perfect for party season), LashFood’s BrowFood Brow Enhancing Gel, plus 21 other amazing travel-sized products. Yup, your maths are right – that’s 25 products that come in this pack in total. While the products are miniature in size, we love it for the fact that we can sometimes feel a bit reluctant to experiment with new, expensive products – it can be hard to part with your cash if you aren’t 100 percent sure you’re going to LOVE the product.  This holiday kit is a great way to test out those famous products you’ve always wanted to try. Plus, the kit comes with Net-a-Porter’s magazine so you can ogle all of the latest designer fashions as well.

Available for £90 from Net a Porter here.

For skincare obsessives: Panasonic Micro-Foaming Facial Cleansing Brush


This year is THE year of natural beauty. Makeup is kept to a minimum – thanks to trendsetters like Glossier, it’s all about what our skin looks like, rather than what we’re piling on it. Extending their tech-savvy brains to the world of beauty, Panasonic has created a product that is about to improve our beauty-prep tenfold – your skincare obsessed friend will LOVE this product. The micro-foaming facial cleansing brush is used to prep your skin ahead of a day of exposure to makeup, pollution, dirt and stress. The gadget has two high-speed rotators that combine with your cleansing soap to bubble up and get seriously foamy. One side of the brush uses super soft bristles to deeply cleanse your face, exfoliate and boost your circulation and lymph flow. The other end has a gentle warming plate which Panasonic says will help to gently remove your makeup (bu-bye stubborn mascara) AND open up your pores.

Available for £129.99 from Panasonic here.

For haircare hoarders: OUAI Morning After Kit


For the Healthista woman that loves to look after herself (but also loves to party) this is the perfect hair kit. This edit of OUAI hair products is seriously convenient and the brand says it is all you need to transform your tresses in five minutes flat. The kit contains a travel-sized editions of all of the brands essential products including rose hair and body oil (which you can use not only to transform your hair but also to give your skin a post-party glow), dry shampoo foam (absorbing oil in your hair and hiding the excesses of the night before) and a finishing cream – so no matter what hair help you need, you’ve got the tools to quickly fix it. For your friend who’s hair is always perfect, introduce this easy-to-store kit that will make haircare so much easier.

Available for £17.50 from Space NK here.

For jet-setters: Soap Co. Pebble Soap

Soap-co-pebble-soap,-best-christmas-gifts-for-beauty-junkies by healthista

Forget freaking out about going over your liquid allowance on your next flight, this pebble soap means you don’t need to bring gels, exfoliators and washes – it does it all. Soap Co. say that their handcrafted cold processed lye soap is inspired by pebbles found in the Lake District’s River Greta. Packed with cocoa butter, olive and coconut oils and is wrapped in wool from local Herdwick sheep, each soap takes four weeks so understandably, availability is limited. The woolly wrapping creates a natural exfoliator that is eco-friendly, biodegradable and easy to use, making these a seriously special easy-to-pack gift for your friend that loves to travel (or loves an environmentally friendly beauty brand). According to the Soap Co. the wool wrap won’t come loose and it’ll last you a lot longer than a standard bar of soap.

Available for £14 from Soap Co. here.

Best stocking fillers for beauty lovers

Friction-free-shaving-kit,-best-Christmas-presents-for-beauty-junkies-by-healthistaFriction Free Shaving Set

This new subscription service from Friction Free Shaving is THE most practical gift you will give this Christmas. The gorgeous rose gold razor is super stylish (making it a handsome addition to your bathroom shelf) and you have the option to add in shaving creams and post-shave balms. Each set comes with four sets of blades so that you can change them weekly, meaning no more post-shaving rashes and ingrown hairs. Healthista has tried and tested this product and love the fact that you really just don’t have to think through your hair removal – because we’ve really got enough to be thinking about!

Boxes start at £5 a month and are available from FFS here.




Dr-Bronner-organic-lavender-hair-cream,-best-Christmas-presents-for-beauty-junkies-by-healthistaDr Bronner Organic Lavender Hair Cream

At Healthista HQ we are massive fans of all-natural beauty brands which is why we LOVE this hair cream from Dr Bronner (and so will your gift receiver). Dr Bronner’s Organic Lavender Hair Cream is certified as organic by the same program that certifies organic food. If they say the ingredients are safe for our bodies then its surely safe for our hair. The conditioning and styling cream provides light styling hold while making your hair silky soft – minus the synthetic ingredients. Instead, the brand uses organic virgin coconut oil to add shine, jojoba oil to make your hair more manageable and soft and organic hemp oil to moisturise.

Available for £7.99 from Healthista Shop here.



Vitabiotic Perfectil Hair, Skin and Nails supplement

It’s all well and good spending an age on your beauty regime but if you aren’t feeding your body properly, your skin, hair and nails still might suffer. We love this perfectil supplement for a nutritional beauty boost – it contains selenium (helpful for nails), vitamins B2 and B3, zinc and iodine (which help look after your skin) as well as vitamin C which helps your body with collagen function.

Available for £9.14 from Healthista shop here.




Bleach-London,-best-christmas-gifts-for-beauty-junkies-by-healthistaBleach London Hair Elixir            

From their packaging to their Instagram, Bleach London is one seriously cool brand. But it’s the key ingredient that we really love about this budget beauty steal. The Bleach London Hair Elixir is made from an avocado oil-based serum which promises to quench drier that dry ends of hair to offer ‘soothing, smoothing salvation to even the most stressed-out strands’. The formula is absorbent which they say will make your hair silky without weighing it down or leaving residue – perfect for the friend that’s played around a bit too much with hair dye in 2017.

Available for £6 from Cult Beauty here.




Lush-sleepy-body-lotion,-best-Christmas-presents-for-beauty-junkies-by-healthistaLush Sleepy Body Lotion

This product costs under a tenner and is coming in as a fast-favourite for beauty and wellness bloggers alike. It was originally brought out as a limited-edition product last Christmas but thanks to huge popularity and claims that it helps to solve everything from anxiety to insomnia, Lush have kept up production. One in three people struggle to get to sleep at night so it’s easy to see why this lotion has been so popular over the past year – leave this goody in your special someone’s stocking and they will love you forever.

Available for £7.95 from Lush here.



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