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7 ways I controlled my arthritis FEATURE
Real Life

Rheumatoid arthritis almost paralysed this woman – here’s how she beat it

in 2015 Iidamaria van der Byl-Knoefel was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in her 30s.  This is how she reversed its devastating effects 

his £12 powder fixed my crippling IBS FEATURE (1)
Real Life

The £12 powder that fixed my crippling IBS

Lucy Powell's IBS had her running to the loo 15 times a day, avoiding intimacy and holding herself back at work - then an over-the-counter powder changed everything

Real Life

‘I was sexually abused as a child’

A raw and honest account of the true legacy of child abuse from a brave Healthista reader

Real Life

What it’s really like to live with M.E

When Jessica Taylor-Bearman was just 15, an ordinary virus turned into ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. But being permanently bedridden for a decade didn't stop her getting married and writing a book

Real Life

Got trapped wind? This is what helped one writer overcome it

Heard a lot about probiotics? Now experts are talking about prebiotics - foods that feed our friendly bugs. Could they help this writer’s trapped wind?
Real Life

How to give up drinking for a month – by someone who loves booze

Not drinking is suddenly cool. But doing it isn't easy. Health journalist Helen Foster did it and has written an entire book called Quit Alcohol (for a month) about how she gave up drinking for a month. Here's what she learned

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