Get 10% off Healthista’s NEW protein, diet and nutrient powders


We’re so excited to present Healthista’s five new health products – being mixed as we speak!

If now is the time to get lean, manage your weight, improve your skin, boost your energy or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle then our innovative nutrient powder range is what you need.

Expertly created by Healthista’s nutritional expert Rick Hay, who specialises in fitness, weight loss and anti-ageing nutrition, and part of Healthista’s Lean Energy programme, Healthista’s delicious nutritional boosters will help you work towards achieving your health goals. Made in Britain with natural, state-of-the-art ingredients that are scientifically proven to target specific health needs. We know you’re going to LOVE this range.

Lean Whey Diet Protein


Whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and sunflower seed protein shake

Packed with:

  • Matcha green tea and L-carnitine for fat burning
  • Glutamine to assist with muscle recovery
  • Konjac root to promote satiety

Lean Vegan Diet Protein

healthista_protein_powder_lean_veganDairy-free protein shake made from pea, rice, hemp and sunflower seed powder

Packed with:

  • Matcha green tea and carnitine for fat burning
  • Glutamine to assist with muscle recovery
  • Konjac root to promote satiety

Glow Food Nutrient Powder

healthista_superfood_glow_foodAntioxidant blend to nourish your skin

Packed with:

  • Flaxseed for healthy fatty acids and omega 3
  • Vitamin C-rich lucuma and grape seed extract to help fight free radical damage and assist with skin health

Body Food Nutrient Powder

healthista_superfood_body_food_promoMetabolism and circulation-boosting blend

Packed with:

  • Yerba mate, green coffee bean and maca extract to help with energy production and thermogenisis

Night Food Nutrient Powder

healthista_superfood_night_foodA calming and balancing nutrient blend

Packed with:

  • Chamomile, lemon balm, cinnamon and ginger to help support the nervous system, balance blood sugar levels and promote relaxation


Register now for a 10% discount on the new Whey Protein, Vegan Protein and Nutrient Powders launching on 10th January 2017 and be one of the first to try!

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