How do you feel when you go on a diet? Exhausted? Bored? Utterly miserable?But what if a diet could deliver added benefits as well as weight loss? 

According to research conducted by Healthista, nearly a quarter of British women say tiredness, hunger and feeling deprived were among the key reasons they couldn’t stick to diets. The research also asked women aged 16 to 50 to choose one added benefit they wanted most from a diet and almost one in two chose more energy.

To address this, the experts at have created the Lean Energy Programme to help you lose weight and slim down without tiredness or hunger.

It’s why Healthista has teamed up with our leading experts, nutritional director Rick Hay and personal trainer and fitness director Kelly Du Buisson to bring you a programme that delivers both weight loss and energy.

Download The Lean Energy Programme now for free by entering your name and email in the fields below and shop the Healthista protein and nutrient powders here to maximise the health benefits and weight loss or weight management goals of the programme.

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