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  • Product Description

    Raw health virgin coconut oil is produced at low temperatures, making it packed full of pure tropical goodness and flavour

    Coconut oil is a naturally saturated oil which is free from trans-fats. For this reason it is stable at high temperatures so is a great oil to use for cooking if you want to avoid trans-fats. Coconut oil is high in lauric acid (one of the main components in breast milk) and lends a rich & flavourful nutritious boost to salad dressings and smoothies Coconut oil is not only highly nutritious, it is also effective as an all purpose moisturiser and natural hair and body conditioner. It is suitable for everyone – from protecting sensitive baby skin to nourishing and softening rough calloused work worn hands (and feet!).

  • Ingredients

    old pressed virgin coconut oil*

    *= certified organic ingredients

    *  RAW

    * VEGAN



  • How to use

    • Cooking & Baking Suitable for all types of cooking, baking and high temperature frying. Perfect for all Asian dishes.
    • Salad Dressings & Smoothies Use as an alternative to other oils in salad dressings or as a base for smoothies and desserts
    • Dairy free spread Coconut oil can be used to replace butter, margarine or other spread. It’s got a fantastic flavour and makes a great dairy free spread.
    • Hair & Body Care Can be used externally to nourish skin and hair.
    • Anti-fungal Action Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which has anti-fungal properties – you could even try massaging between your toes if you are prone to athlete’s foot.

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