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Coconut Almond Butter


  • Product Description

    Spoil your store cupboard with a jar of our ridiculously tasty nut butter! Great eaten for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

    Coconut and almond is a match made in heaven. We feel pretty smug about this creation and think you‘ll love it just as much as we do.

  • Ingredients


    Roasted almonds

    Agave syrup

    Sea salt

    Absolutely no palm oil

    Contain vitamin E and magnesium

    Contains unsaturated fats ( The good kind of fats )

    A good source of fiber


    Contains Almonds.

    May also contain traces of other nuts.

    Store in a cool dry place.

    Suitable for vegans.

  • How to use

    Add a tablespoon or two to your smoothie for a wonderfully coconutty twist.

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