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Love Island final – the therapist’s guide to who will last, who won’t and who’s ‘desperate for love’

OMG it’s the Love Island final tonight and we can’t stop talking about it at Healthista HQ.  We spoke exclusively to Lucy Beresford, therapist for ITV’s This Morning about the questions we’re all dying to ask

Who will last on the outside?

Amber and Greg will last, for a while. I think Amber has grown up during her time in the villa, and she and Greg laugh a lot, which is a good and a key element to a long-lasting relationship.

She will probably always be the more firery of the two, but I think Greg’s unobtrusive manliness acts as a great foil for that.

greg and amber 2

Greg O’Shea (Left) Amber Rose Gill (Right)

Who definitely won’t last and why?

I’m no longer convinced Curtis and Maura will last very long. I think there’s a genuine spark, and she has brought out his raunchy side, while he has tamed her a little.

But I think she will always be wanting more. It has been interesting to see a woman confident about her desires having to cope with being rejected in the bedroom – no-one should be made to feel they must have sex just because the other person wants it, and Curtis turned her down elegantly but a mis-matched libido often causes issues in a relationship.

maura and curtis

Maura Higgins (Left) Curtis Pritchard (Right)


I was never convinced of Anton and Belle’s relationship. I think she’s awesome, very self-aware and principled. He’s desperate for love, and is like the brother some of us never had.

And they met at a time when they both needed someone. But I think he’s too jack-the-lad for Belle. I want them both to find partners who are a better fit, because they so deserve it.

Anton and Belle 1

Belle Hassan (Left) Anton Danyluk (Right)

Who is more into who?

Tommy is more into Molly-Mae than she is into him – although it could be a slower burn for her…

[We then asked if Tommy is a little obsessive.] Tommy isn’t so much obsessive as I think he wears his big heart on his sleeve. But it all feels like too much too soon.

He’s only 20, and he says things like ‘I’ve been looking for someone like you all of my life’. He remained focussed when his head could have been turned by Maura, so like the athlete he is, he’s set his mind on the goal (of winning), and love-bombing MM is his strategy.

Tommy and Molly mae

Tommy Fury (Left) Molly-Mae Hague (Right)

What do you think about Ovie and India? (They are Healthista favourites because we all LOVE Ovie)

Ovie and India together haven’t been given much airtime, so the public affection for the couple is more to do with Ovie. The protective way he steered her out of the Jordan/Anna row is one example of his attractive manliness.

I think Ovie fancies India, and they are both likeable people, but as a couple we know little about their connection.

Ovie and India

What will they find difficult once Love Island is finished?

Most couples will have to cope not just with the reality of distance or different schedules, but with the fact that their fame makes them a magnet for more people getting in touch.

However confident you are, it’s flattering when people try to connect with you, so you’d have to be super-strong to commit to someone you might not be seeing regularly when you have all this other focus and attention on you.

Love islandf

Love Island finalists

Who do you think will win?

I’d love Amber and Greg to win, but I fear Tommy and Molly-Mae will be shown to win… the producers have kept them safely away from any combustible storylines, and they made sure they had the most romantic looking Final Date wearing the most glamorous clothes – with lots of photos taken of MM in her yellow ball gown, which didn’t happen to any of the Final dates.

I prefer Amber and Greg’s relationship. She has really grown up during her time in the villa – she’s no longer catty or cocky – and I love their slightly goofy connection. Greg is also a gentleman which, along with Ovie and to some extent Curtis, has been a good feature of this series.

Love Island Expert Lucy Beresford - headshotLove Island expert Lucy Beresford - book coverLucy Beresford is a psychotherapist, TEDx speaker, Agony Aunt for ITV’s This Morning and author of “Happy Relationships: at home work and play.” Her book is available to buy on Amazon.

Learn more about Lucy’s work on her website Follow her on Instagram @beresford.l. 

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Love Island final – the therapist’s guide to who will last, who won’t and who’s ‘desperate for love’

We spoke exclusively to Lucy Beresford, therapist for ITV's This Morning - she answers all the questions you're dying to ask

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