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How to give up drinking for a month – by someone who loves booze

Not drinking is suddenly cool. But doing it isn't easy. Health journalist Helen Foster did it and has written an entire book called Quit Alcohol (for a month) about how she gave up drinking for a month. Here's what she learned

Real life

Women with ADHD – what it’s like to live with it

ADHD is being missed in girls, suggest new guidelines, and it's been found to lead to anxiety and depression in later life. We spoke to two women that live with the condition and a leading expert on the help that's out there 

to the bone lily collins should eating disorders be portrayed on screen by healthista
Real life

To the bone – does it promote eating disorders?

We speak to former anorexics and experts about the triggering power of the hot new Netflix series

my clean eating obsession became orthorexia nervosa, daniella isaac, by healthista (3)
Real life

My clean eating became orthorexia nervosa

Orthorexia nervosa, a clean eating obsession, ran former health and food blogger Daniella Isaacs's life for years. Now she shares her emotional story with the eating disorder before taking her one-man show Hear Me Raw to theatres during this year's Edinburgh Festival

how i overcame postnatal depression, alison canavan, by healthista (1)
Real life

‘How I overcame my post natal depression’

Postnatal depression affects 1 in 10 women, and left single mother and former model Alison Canavan suicidal. Now a wellness coach and author of Minding Mum, she shares her story of recovery with her best tips for self-care as a new mum

Real life

6 symptoms of PCOS not to miss

Do you have irregular periods? Are you overweight ? You may have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which affects one in then British women. Gynaecologist Dr. Gabrielle Downey and nutritionist Dr. Marilyn Glenville share the signs not to miss

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