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Real life

The rise of #metoo in the gym

A worrying trend in men harassing women while they exercise is threatening our safety and comfort.  Samantha O'Brien reports - and we hear frightening #metoo in the gym stories from Healthista readers

his £12 powder fixed my crippling IBS FEATURE (1)
Real life

The £12 powder that fixed my crippling IBS

Lucy Powell's IBS had her running to the loo 15 times a day, avoiding intimacy and holding herself back at work - then an over-the-counter powder changed everything

Real life

‘I was sexually abused as a child’

A raw and honest account of the true legacy of child abuse from a brave Healthista reader

Real life

What it’s really like to live with M.E

When Jessica Taylor-Bearman was just 15, an ordinary virus turned into ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. But being permanently bedridden for a decade didn't stop her getting married and writing a book
Real life

How to give up drinking for a month – by someone who loves booze

Not drinking is suddenly cool. But doing it isn't easy. Health journalist Helen Foster did it and has written an entire book called Quit Alcohol (for a month) about how she gave up drinking for a month. Here's what she learned

Real life

Women with ADHD – what it’s like to live with it

ADHD is being missed in girls, suggest new guidelines, and it's been found to lead to anxiety and depression in later life. We spoke to two women that live with the condition and a leading expert on the help that's out there 

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