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Modius – the new wearable tech that will help you lose weight by sitting still

Neuroscience meets tech in a new wearable headset that claims to speed up your metabolism

to the bone lily collins should eating disorders be portrayed on screen by healthista
Real life

To the bone – does it promote eating disorders?

We speak to former anorexics and experts about the triggering power of the hot new Netflix series

Why reishi mushrooms are the new superfood of the moment

Mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular as a new superfood and Gwyneth Paltrow recently claimed reishi mushrooms were her new brain medicine. But what's really behind the trend? Anna Magee reports

fermenting foods, a step by step guide for beginners, alana holloway, by healthista (2)

Fermenting foods at home: A step by step guide

A beginner's guide to fermenting foods at home by founder of new subscription box, Fermented by LAB


Vitamin Injections- what really happens?

Healthista writer and needle-phobe Parisa Hashempour tries and reviews a weightloss vitamin treatment at Vitamin Injections London - ouch!


What NOT to say to someone with cancer

As World Cancer Day approaches Fionna Holland, a Psychology Lecturer at the University of Derby, who did study on what to say - and not - to someone who has cancer explains more

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