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Best colour shampoo ever – Infuse My Colour Wash

Love hair colour? Move over toner – this new colour shampoo will knock your socks off to refresh colour, add creative shades or remove brassiness from blonde, says Best Beauty Products Ever columnist Yanar Alkayat 

Not so long ago mainstream hair colour trends fell into three main categories: dark, blonde or red. Anything brighter or more experimental was reserved for a lonely corner of the hair colour aisles.

Now multi-coloured hues are more visible than ever: candy floss pastels and violet greys to rainbow streaks and everything bold and brilliant in between is the norm on girls (and boys) now definitely an extension of our personality and creative expression more than ever.

According to a recent report by Wella Professionals, women on average are now colouring their hair once a month but only one in eight tend to be happy with the overall outcome if they colour at home.

That’s why stylists know best when it comes to creative colour but what about topping up your hues in between salon visits? And what if you fancy being baby pink just for one day? Luckily at-home products have caught up with toners from Bleach London, L’Oreal Professional and Colour Vibe making the aisles at Boots look almost as lively as an east London salon.

Infuse-My-Colour-review-best-colour-shampoo-ever-RubyJoining the pack is Infuse My Colour Wash shampoos. These wash colour into the hair with results lasting up to a week. Colour-enhancing shampoos are no new thing but none have been this exciting in shades, bold in pigment and in tune with creative colour and street style trends.

There are five colour ways to choose from: Ruby, Copper, Gold, Cobalt, and Platinum to refresh hues, add colour, remove brassiness or infuse with shine. Good news for eco beauty lovers like myself, the shampoos are 100% vegan, biodegradable and contain no sulphates or silicones (which can dry hair out).

I’ve been using Infuse My Colour Ruby on my bleached streak (which I had done a few months ago at Not Another Salon) and the result is a marvellous raspberry pink that feels really soft, even over the bleach, without having to use any toner.

Without a doubt I get better colour pay off with this colour shampoo than any toner I’ve used. And it’s far more convenient as there’s no waiting time for colour to develop.

Rather than wash my whole head with the shampoo I cleanse the hair first (I generally use co-washes to protect colour) and apply Infuse My Colour just on the bleached streak. I massage it in, leave for 30 seconds and rinse. It lathers up and there’s a lovely fruity aroma. Just one word of caution, the vibrancy of the pigment is strong so your shower or bath may be splattered with dashes of bright shampoo, but don’t worry, it all washes out leaving no traces, colour marks or residue.

Before and after using Infuse My Colour Wash

Before and after using Infuse My Colour Wash in Ruby

If I feel like softening the hue I’ll apply a small amount of Touch of Silver Conditioner afterwards and leave in for a couple of minutes before rinsing. It also works if you mix the shampoo and the Touch of Silver Conditioner together to dilute the colour before applying to hair.

Don’t be put off by the bold bottles as they’re not all as they seem; for example, Platinum is not actually bright blue but a neutralising shade to reduce brassiness in blondes and Gold will act as a glossing shampoo on any colour. The only shade missing is something for dark hair. Let’s hope that’s on the horizon.

It seems like creative colour is here to stay for at least a while longer so get your hands on one of these bottles and change up your hair (especially if you’re blonde) without worrying about permanent mishaps and with such an affordable price tag it makes playing with colour even more attractive.

Infuse My Colour Wash, £13.95 for 100ml at

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