Terry Fairclough

Terry Fairclough

Personal Trainer

Terry is one of the Your Body Programme’s founders, as well as a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Therapist. When he is not busy writing notes on the back of his hand (rather than into Google Docs), then he likes to pump iron. Terry is an Ectomorph who trains hard for his big guns.


  • What does healthy mean to me?

    Health to me is what do I need to be physically and mentally optimal, free of illness and injury and in homeostasis. Firstly I should say that everyone’s homeostasis is different. What makes me feel healthy and happy wouldn’t necessarily work for someone else.

    For me to achieve this I need at least 8 hours sleep, I try not to worry about and stress over things I can’t control. Stress is a major contributing factor to many health issues, weight, hormone balance and ageing.

    I exercise 5 times a week. For me 6 sessions is too much. Whenever I increase it I can feel my training, results and health suffer.

    How I train is specific to my personal goals and body type. I always make time for a 15-20 min stretch post exercise to keep me from picking up any niggles. However some people need to stretch more than that.

    From a dietary point of view my philosophy is simple. Eat whole, natural, unprocessed foods. Avoid anything processed, sugar (Natural sugar from fruit, veg and whole grains is fine) and limit alcohol.

    Alcohol doesn’t make me feel good. I try to eat around 2-3 pieces of fruit and 4-5 portions of veg per day and eat organic as much as I can. I drink 2-3 litres of water per day.

    The only supplements I take are tera nova life drink, symprove probiotics and vitamin D3. Everything else I need I get through my diet.

  • One piece of advice?

    Always make time for something you love. Something that makes you happy.

    I love art and art history. I try to see an exhibition once a week and hope one day to do an art history degree.

    It’s so easy to get entrenched in work and routine. Every morning before I leave for work I take 10 minutes to drink a coffee and prepare myself for the day ahead. Make time for you.

  • One thing I do daily that I wouldn't do well without?

    My exercise. Obviously there are physiological benefits from exercise, aesthetic benefits, prevention of illness, stiffness but most importantly for me the mental expect. The endorphin, hormone balancing and de-stressing effects are essential for me.

  • What will I bring to the Healthista Collective?

    Well I hope to bring some interesting, thought provoking and honest ideas.

    We all have different experiences, perspectives and our own imperial knowledge. I trained and worked as a chef before moving into personal training, postural correction, sports massage and sports/clinical nutritional therapy.

    I hope to give a slightly different unique perspective using my experience, passion and love for food and nutrition. I believe in a holistic approach I am not a fan of fads and extremes. That’s not how the body likes to work.

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